Products no longer manufactured or supported by Kobo

Some Kobo eReaders, tablets, and Kobo apps are longer manufactured or supported. This means that some Kobo products won’t be able to download content or get updates.

To improve our eReaders, apps, and services, we’ll need to discontinue support for our earlier devices and apps so that we can focus on making our current and future products better. Rest assured that no items in your Kobo library will be affected. You will continue to have access to all reading material you have purchased or downloaded from Rakuten Kobo.

You can download the free Kobo App available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and continue reading with Kobo on a device you already own. Or, download the free Kobo Desktop App to read your eBooks on your PC or Mac desktop computer.

You can visit and go to the ‘Apps & eReaders’ page to learn about the latest Kobo eReaders and apps.

The following eReaders, tablets, and apps are no longer manufactured or supported:

Kobo eReaders
  • Kobo WiFi (model numbers: N647 and N47B)

Kobo tablets
  • Kobo Vox (model number: K080)

Sony eReaders and apps
  • Sony Reader T1
  • Sony Reader T2
  • Sony Reader T3
  • Sony Reader app. Note: You can use the Kobo Desktop app for your Sony Reader.
Kobo apps
  • Kobo app for Blackberry
  • Kobo app for iOS 4 or earlier
  • Kobo app for Android 4.0 or earlier
  • Kobo Desktop for Windows XP or earlier
  • Kobo Desktop for OSX 10.6 or earlier

The following eReaders are NOT affected and will continue to work as normal:

  • Kobo Forma (Model N782)
  • Kobo Clara HD (Model N249)
  • Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 (Model N867)
  • Kobo Aura ONE (Model N709)
  • Kobo Aura Edition 2 (Model N236)
  • Kobo Touch 2.0 (Model N587)
  • Kobo Glo HD (Model N437)
  • Kobo Aura H2O (Model N250)
  • Kobo Aura (Model N514)
  • Kobo Aura HD (Model N204B)
  • Kobo Glo (Model N613)
  • Kobo Touch (Model N905, N905B, N905C)

Not sure which eReader you have? Follow the steps in this article to check your model number.


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